Ain’t no party like a FARM PARTY

The Farm never disappoints at their shows. An example of that was Orangevale’s Country Music Festival on September 30, 2012. Fans showed up mainly for Chris Cagle, as he was headlining the event but it seemed the crowd went crazy for The Farm. All the artists did meet and greets with everyone who stood in line but the line was the longest for The Farm.

Many people who showed for the concert had little interest in them until they got on stage. Seeing how they interacted with their fans even on stage, they made a great impression on everyone. They had every person on their feet, singing along, hanging on every note. I was one of those people as well.

If you ask me, they are one the best bands out there but don’t have a lot of publicity to attract the amount of fans they need to get to the next level. I absolutely love them and know most people will. They are so talented and with all different backgrounds, they compliment each other very well.

Go take a listen and watch their “Home Sweet Home” video.

They also have a newer single out titled “Be Grateful”. With their Random Acts of Gratefulness, they have made the song a movement. The members of The Farm have been buying/donating groceries and gas, and paying rent for those who need it as well as so many other wonderful things. Here is a link to one of the videos from the movement.

They are definitely artists to watch!






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