The ACA’s 2012 Lauren Alaina

Lauren and her parents
Lauren and her parents


Lauren Alaina looked stunning accepting the Artist of the year: New Artist award at the ACA’s in Las Vegas Dec 10, 2012. The Season 10 American Idol runner up definitely has grown up. Wearing another yellow dress, much like the one on the finale of Idol, she reaches another milestone in her life.

Before the show, Lauren mentioned how excited she was to present at the show. She didn’t expect to win an award but hoped for it. She cried accepting the award, thanking her mother, god and her fans. She brought tears to everyone’s eyes that night.

I caught up with her after the event and she was still in shock, thanking us for voting, knowing that we were fans of hers and even being kind enough to hang out with us after her agency party. She stated “Without people like you, I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am at!” She was all smiles and so kind throughout the entire night.

Lauren is always interacting with her fans through twitter and letting them in on her life while it is happening. “Ready for the show today (: got my spray tan at fort lake tanning and getting my hair and make up done now. #nervousssss” She tweeted, earlier that day. Alaina also tweeted pictures of the process to go along with that tweet.

tumblr_inline_mkc8hgSgIT1qz4rgp tumblr_inline_mkc8hy7xFb1qz4rgp

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