Lauren Alaina “Same Day Different Bottle”

#NewHair LA4

I have been obsessed with this song the day it was first posted on the internet! I remember waiting and hitting refresh until it finally popped up on my screen. This girl is an inspiration to all women. Since Lauren got runner up (should have been 1st place) on American Idol season 10 she has come a very long way with her Debut Album ‘Wildflower’ debuting at #5 on the Billboard 200 charts and #2 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Dec. 10th 2012 she won New Artist of the Year at the American Country Awards. Having been there to see the reaction of the crowd you would think she won Single of the Year. I personally think she should have. If you didn’t cry watching that, you have a stone heart! We all felt a sense of pride in her as if she were our Friend/Family member winning this grand award because she makes us all feel so close to her!LA6

With all this success she has had, Lauren has also been going through a lot privately. She was always the bubbly, open booked girl who seemed to have everything, including her amazing family, together. Until recently, that is, when she opened up about her father battling with alcoholism. Like Lauren does with everything, she made this terrible thing a learning experience. The amazing and beautiful song “Same Day Different Bottle” came out of it. I remember her saying that the song was therapy for her. It opened a line of communication between her and her father and really helped them deal with everything. I love knowing that through all of their problems Lauren will always support her dad and vice versa. Family is most important above everything else for the Suddeth family.

LA5I feel for her even more now that her parents are going through a divorce. We can all imagine how hard that would be to deal with. At first it seemed like everyone was fighting it from happening but now both Kristy and J.J. seem happier and healthier. I LOVE her family and hope everything works out for them.

Alaina hopes to record this track on her sophomore album. I see a #1 hit in her near future, once it is released on country radio, of course. Until then, hear her new single here! You may just love it as much as I do!

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