Golf and Guitars Night One 2014

What a show it was! Singer/Songwriter showcase night one and country stars night two couldn’t have put together a better show! 

The story of Nashville was told through all aspects of both shows. Night one of Golf and Guitars was the song writers showcase. It was a VIP and golfer only event so it made for a very intimate setting. The songwriters all came out during the sets to eat and mingle with their fans. That night held a true behind the music feel to it, with songwriters preforming hit songs we have all heard and unknown songs that I came to love after hearing. The artists referenced how it felt like being at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, a place I’d love to experience as soon as possible.



Each one of the writers brought something new and unique to the table. Round one included Matt Ramsey, Matt Jenkins, Trevor Rosen and the beautiful Logan Brill. Matt R, Matt J, and Trevor have all had hits on the country charts from artists like The Band Perry, Dustin Lynch, Keith Urban and many other popular artists. Logan may not have a hit yet but her talent is not lacking in anyway. She is a triple threat with her voice, song writing ability and her charm. Each song writer sang three songs and most I had heard before so singing along was something I couldn’t help. With Logan her unknown songs were refreshing and her voice was so crisp and clear, I found myself wrapped up in every word she sang including the all in french song she sang. It was beautiful and made me wish I spoke or at least understood the french language.



Round two combined talents Jason Eady, Erin Enderlin, Hannah Blaylock, Chris Roberts and Johnny Bulford. Each sang a song I had heard before but a few songs really stuck out to me. Johnny sang “A Woman Like You” which is a song preformed by Lee Brice and won Johnny a song writers award for it. Jason brought his wife Courtney Patton up for his last turn and sang “Man on a Mountain”. It was beautifully done and she had a wonderful voice. I questioned whether or not she may have done some singing on her own by how confident and poise she seemed while preforming. From what I could find she had not had any professional experience. Following that performance was Erin singing a Lee Ann Womack single titled “Last Call”. Hannah followed with an amazing song she had written about her friends relationship and the love they shared. “It is pure and inspiring” Blaylock said about those friends. The song “Soldiers Wife” was very touching and inspiring. She threw her heart and soul into singing this song and it showed through the entire performance. Chris Roberts then brought up good friend Ken Morton Jr. and Morton golf kids to perform “Strength Unknown to Man”. It was a song with alot of heart and the kids stole the show, each showing that the song has meaning to them the runs deep. 


The last round incorporated not only Ira Dean, Eric Paslay, Rhett Akins and son Thomas Rhett but also Dustin Lynch. Dustin was a surprise guest that night. He was set to perform on night two but always gives us a good show no matter if it’s planned or not. There was not one song sang during this round that I didn’t know and sing along to. Rhett helped Thomas with the chorus of most of his songs due to losing his voice throughout the night. Thomas is the one who gave up one of his turns for Dustin to perform his newest hit single “Where It’s At”. Other songs preformed by their song writers included “Get Me Some of That”, “Boy’s Round Here”, “Friday Night”, and “One in Every Crowd”. With each performance you could see how the artist/song writer connected to each lyric they sang. Thomas performed “Round Here”, a huge hit from Florida Georgia Line. His wife told him not to let this song go but he did and it landed those boys a number one hit. He didn’t seem to regret his decision though, he was happy to have it top the charts no matter who sang it. The night ended with Ira Dean performing the Montgomery Gentry single “I’ll Keep the Kids”. Before he began to sing he told a story of how his friends ex wife wrote a list of everything she wanted in the divorce. The list was endless and included everything except the couples children. It is pretty straight forward how they felt about the woman they wrote the song about. 


I enjoyed every bit of the night and hope next year will also have a singer/songwriter showcase. I can’t wait to see what next Golf and Guitars has in store for us!


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