Artist of the Week: Mitch Gallagher

My newest artist of the week is Mitch Gallagher. He is performing tomorrow night at Renegade Radio Nashville presents Music City Live at the Fontanel Mansion. It is amazing to see him get this opportunity. Until last year at the American Country Awards, I hadn’t known of Mitch. We met before the interviews started on the red carpet before the award show. He was actually interviewing the country music artists with his booking agent, Liz Gregory, instead of being interviewed. We got to talking and he mentioned that he was an up and coming artist himself, so I had to check him out. His music and his voice are amazing. He is a sweet, talented guy from Maryville, MO who has worked so hard for everything he was. He has recently been accepted as a Recording Artist Member of the Country Music Association.
He has had over 300,000 YouTube views and his EP (Mitch Gallagher EP) made it to #46 on the iTunes Top 200 Country Albums Chart. On that album are his 2 radio singles “Just Like Heaven” and “Meant for Coming Back”. These songs are so catchy and great to listen to. I have them on repeat throughout the day, driving around town. His second EP “Where The Heart Is” was released in March and climbed the charts to #41. It was also #8 on the Billboard Heatseekers ‘West North Central Albums’ Chart. 
Mitch proves everyday that hard work and dedication pays off. He has a wonderful social media following and his fans are loyal. I’m sure it will be a packed house for him at the Fontanel Mansion tomorrow and I wish I could be there for it. I will be streaming it live and if you can’t be there for it you should stream it too here!
Side note: Ladies, This man is still available… Yup, that’s right he is single. He is a busy guy and may not be exactly dateable right now but he isn’t off the market yet. 🙂
Okay, Now here is the interview!


NCTC: So you are performing at the Fontanel Mansion in Nashville tomorrow for Renegade Radio Nashville presents Music City Live! How did this opportunity present itself?

Mitch: It was actually something my booking agent got for me. I have always wanted to interview with them and I finally get to interview with them on Tuesday night and play a show.


NCTC: Have you performed with Sara Beth before? 

Mitch: I haven’t. I saw her perform last summer, there was a summer concert series here in Nashville. It had winners and losers, she was there last year and that’s the first time I saw her perform. She’s a great entertainer, she’s got a great voice so I really enjoyed her music. Hopefully I’ll be able to play a show with her, that’d be awesome!

NCTC: How long will your set be? 

Mitch: It’ll be 30 minutes, so about 5-6 songs. I’m a bit of a storyteller, I like to talk with my audience.

NCTC: Will you be back at this event in the future? 

Mitch: Hopefully, The Fontanel is a great venue here in Nashville. I’m sure I will, nothing is planned and nothing is set in stone obviously but I’m sure I’ll be back there someday.

NCTC: How did you choose the songs for the EP?

Mitch: um, It’s a little bit of a process. I’m really fortunate to have a lot of good songwriters around me. That’s one thing I did really really well when I came to Nashville, is kinda surround myself with the next class of writers, the up and coming writers and surround myself with some of the best in the town. There’s a lot of songs that I can choose from. I am a songwriter, I’m an artist first and a song writer second and for me, when I’m putting out an album, EP or single it’s always the best song wins and what I think is an accurate portrayal or me as an artist at the time.


NCTC: What are you working on right now? Is there a full album in the works? 

Mitch: If anything it will probably be another EP. I haven’t really decided on a date, maybe the end of this year or very start of next year in January sometime. But I’m actually starting to try to write songs for it now and I’ve actually got one song that I think will be on it for sure, so I’m a little bit ahead of the game this time. There are some other things in the works. A music video is a possibility and I have to decide if that’s a route I want to take. There’s a lot of possibilities on the table, It’s just deciding what I want to do honestly, I’ll just leave it at that.


NCTC: What does country music mean to you and why did you choose this genre of music to perform? 

Mitch: Growin up I just loved to sing, I didn’t say I’m gonna be the next George Straight or I’m gonna be the next this or that, I just loved to sing. I wanted to be on stage and I just wanted to sing, no matter what it was. It wasn’t until a little bit later in life when I started writing and playing the guitar that it just kinda came out country. Maryville, MO is a very rural place and my grandparents and aunts and uncles are all farmers. I mean I grew up in town but just being around the blue-collar, hard-working, country people had a big influence on who I am as a person. For me, my music is a portrayal of who I am as a person, so obviously that’s gonna come out country. Country Music means everything, it’s tradition, and the home of a well written song, no matter how it’s produced. Country can sound very different across the spectrum but at the end of the day it’s always been the home of a well written song. Country music for me is depth, soulful lyrics, it’s from the heart, It’s real, it’s true, It’s just life.

NCTC: How do you feel about how it has changed over the years? 

Mitch: I get asked that a lot actually. I don’t really think about it a ton just cuz I’m a big believer that you should be focused on self-improvement.

NCTC: When did you know this is what you want to do for your career? 

Mitch: Um gosh, I think any successful person will tell you they’ve kind of always known, and for me I knew at a very young age. I don’t even know how else to describe it other than I just knew this was something I was gonna do deep down. It’s like a really didn’t have a choice, if that make sense. I always knew that it was gonna be a huge part of my life and what I was gonna do. I don’t think I really knew how I was gonna do it for awhile, probably not till I was probably 18 or 19 which wasn’t that long ago. Fortunately I moved to Nashville, I set myself up for success, surrounded my self with good people, good writers, good artists and the rest has kinda taken care of itself through hard work.

NCTC: Is their anything you really want your fans and other readers to know that we didn’t go over in this interview?

Mitch: Other than I hope they look me up and follow my career on social media… I wouldn’t be in this situation if it wasn’t for the support of my so many people so I guess what I would say is thank you.  I hope that they’ll stay on for the ride, it’ll be a fun journey and I gonna keep releasing music that speaks to me and speaks to my audience and hopefully everybody keeps listening.

To get the full interview check out my next post. It is uploading now!



You guys have got to check this guy out here!!! and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube!

Here is his newest original song! Something About A Love Song

The full interview will be uploaded shortly. Too hear what else we talked about check out my next blog post.


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