Thompson Square (Keifer Thompson) Interview 9/5/2014

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Okay, it has finally uploaded on youtube so this is my interview with Keifer Thompson of Thompson Square on his marriage, his music and how it makes him feel. Also on how he feels about music streaming sites. After talking to him, I will be buying more albums and singles rather than streaming or downloading them for free. Listen to this interview and you may rethink it too.

NC2CA: Tell me about the first time you heard Shawna sing?

KT: The First time I heard her sing was in Nashville at the Nashville Palace. It was actually the first time we met. I was literally just dumb-founded and I just never heard a voice like that before. I actually talked to her and was hitting on her before I heard her sing. That was just like Icing on the cake for me. I think she’s the best Country singer, the best female Country singer in town…. There’s a quality in her voice I’ve never heard and it’s kinda a combination of Reba, Shelby-Lynn and I dunno it’s almost dead on pitch perfect all the time… I can listen to her everyday and never get tired of it.

NC2CA: How does it feel to be described or referred to as the new age Johnny and June?

KT: Well, that’s quite the company to keep. We really admire those two and look up to them and you know, Johnny’s one of my massive influences. The first time we did the Opry they put us in the Duet room. All the photos in there are duos. The first time we were in there, Shawna got, you know it was like an emotional moment or whatever but it was really cool we were watching this T.V. show about Johnny and June and they were on stage singing and stuff and Shawna just starts bawling and goes back to the back and it’s just because I think we can relate to them better than a lot of people because I know we have that kind of love for each other. It was unconditional and very special. I think we found our first love in Nashville… we just kinda relate to that whole situation. They’re just two beautiful people who aren’t perfect but loved each other for their imperfections you know so it’s quite an honor.


NC2CA: How do you keep thing new and interesting on the road?

KT: Well, We’re just kind of buddies and we like to laugh. We laugh a lot. She makes me laugh and I don’t think I’ve ever dated a girl that’s made me laugh as much as I can make her laugh and I think that’s a huge thing… The comic relief in a marriage is just massive. I couldn’t be with someone who wasn’t funny. We don’t really work at anything, we’re just really good friends. We fight like cats and dogs sometimes like everybody else and we just learn how to deal with it to where we extinguish it quickly and don’t ever bring it up again. We don’t harbor any of that crap. Pride is a terrible, terrible thing in an instance like that.

NC2CA: Is that how “Let’s Fight” was inspired?

KT: I actually wrote that song with a couple buddies of mine Kip Moore and Weston Davis. And actually that’s not what inspired the song because we didn’t fight. It’s let’s force a fight so we can make up…

NC2CA: What songs mean the most to you?

KT: I don’t know that I can answer that. Um, it continually changes. I mean we wrote a song on this record called “What am I Gonna Do” which was only available at Wal-mart. It was a song that we wrote for her dad after he passed away and I decided/ I opted out of the song. I just wanted her to sing it by herself. It’s just really important. I wanna create song we can do it 30 years and I can remember why I wrote that and this is one of those songs. It’s just a beautiful song.

NC2CA: A lot of people get proposed to at your shows.

KT: A ton!

NC2CA: Do you still get surprised every time or is it pretty expected?

KT: I don’t think surprised is the word, we’re honored every time. It’s a really cool thing, to be able to say that your music is important enough for somebody to use it for that because that’s a huge step, it’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make as a human being and to include us in there, it’s an honor.

NC2CA: What were you doing and how did you feel when you realized “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not” had hit number one on the charts?

KT: I have a horrible memory so I can’t remember where it was at but I remember it was a big frikkin deal. We both felt that was one step closer to making it. With success comes a lot of pressure.


NC2CA: What is your message to your fans?

KT: Well I have so many messages; one is Thank You for everything you’ve done for us. We have a great core group of fans. My main message is not just for our fans but music fans in general, and that is if you love bands music, our music, whoever’s music, prove it by buying it.

He explains here, why you should buy the music instead of streaming it very well in the interview but it wouldn’t come across right in print so listen to this interview. It is important to buy the music rather than download or stream it for free. There is a whole lot more you can get from him if you just listen to this interview once.

NC2CA: Last Question, Is there anything I didn’t ask that you want your fans to know?

KT: I think we covered everything, we’re just in the process of writing a new record right now and probably go in the studio here in a couple months and begin that new process but this is gonna be quite a metamorphosis, I believe, for Thompson Square. It’s gonna be kinda different but we’re super excited with it so I can’t wait to bring it out!

thompson-square-press-650-430Photo credit: Anthony Baker

Click Here for the full interview!

Thompson Square will be back near Sacramento on October 8th at The Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, CA for Country Uncorked! It’s a 21 and over event. Music starts at 6:30. Doors open at 5:30. Parking is FREE!

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