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I am excited to say that my birthday weekend turned into a wonderful opportunity. I got to see Jana Kramer, who you all know I love, but even more importantly I met a very talented up and coming artist who seems to have all the right tools to make it very far.

His name? Troy Schmidt. By the end of this interview I doubt you’ll forget it. I know I never will.

Troy may not have a song out yet for you all to hear but hopefully in this interview, he’ll sing a verse or two of one of many songs he’s written. His voice is fantastic and his song writing really tells a story about who he is. Not only is talented but he is grounded and motivational as well. He has been through a lot with the death of both parents and drug problems while he was young, moving states while in school, not many friends, and really no good strong influence in his life. Even through all this he has managed to find a good way to look at life itself.

He believes, “It doesn’t matter where you come from, or what struggles you go though, you can always find your way”. He tells me “Life’s struggles make you stronger”.

If that’s not a great way to look at life, I don’t know what is!

Here is a brief preview of the interview that we did. I would normally post and transcribe the whole interview but in this case it would not do it justice. You need to hear him speak and hear the passion in his voice. It’s very uncommon to have the ability to portray yourself through just talking but this man has it down!

If you want to know the man behind the music, his inspirations in country music, what shapes his songs and his amazing take on life just listen to him talk. You may find something different in him and genuine that you don’t get with everyone.


Troy Douglas Schmidt

Born in Rochester, MN on Jan. 6th 1986 but he calls Mankato home. Troy has been all over the U.S. He now lives in Sacramento, CA because he fell in love with it here. “It’s country… and a melting pot.”

NC2CA: Just who is the man behind the music?

Troy Schmidt: Well, honestly,  I’m a man whose had many struggles in my life and I just kinda keep pushing through everything just making life just a little better…. As long as you take the good out of everything, you can turn… your life’s picture into something beautiful…

NC2CA: What is it that inspires your song writing?

Troy:  A lot of it’s from personal past experiences, whether that’s my own or people that are very close to me. The death of my mom when I was younger or the death of my grandparents and their love…

NC2CA: What is it that you love about country music? Why Country?

Troy: Gah, I dunno, it touches me and I can’t turn on the radio, whether it’s new country or old country and not get a smile on my face. It was my mom’s favorite music so it was ingrained in me…

NC2CA: What do you hope to achieve in the music industry?

Troy: Traveling, meeting people, putting myself out there and helping people and if I can go ahead and take my songs and really touch people, whether that’s one or 10,000 people…

NC2CA: Who and what shaped how you write and sing your songs?

Troy: … my mom, I mean, my mom was the biggest hearted person you’ll ever meet in your life, she works super hard, got divorced when I was younger. We had a pretty bad childhood when I was growing up with my dad being an alcoholic and abusive; she really took us 3 kids under her wing and just ran with it. She was so driven and determined and she always had that smile on her face.

NC2CA: What was the one life event that you feel changed your life the most and do you have a song or two about it?

Troy: When my mom died, um, you know it’s a harder topic for me and I haven’t sat down and really wrote anything about her death… I’m not sure if I am ready to go ahead and dive into that one yet but when my grandparents past as well. Their love was something that you just don’t see now-a-days except for like older couples. I wrote “Man of your Dreams” because of them.

NC2CA: Lastly, what is your message to your fans and friends? What do you want them to know about you that we didn’t cover?

Troy: My message is just, you gotta keep pushing through everything, when you hit a wall you gotta push through it or climb over it or whatever you can. I mean the one biggest thing in this world that we all are not pursuing is LOVE and providing love to everyone around us. Regardless of whether or not you believe in God, if you look in the bible it states that “Love your father above all else, but love your neighbor as yourself”. I believe that’s the most important of all…

Here is the full interview – Part 1 and 2

Troy Schmidt isn’t just another guy who wants to make music. He is passionate and truly wants to make someone’s day just a bit better by listening to his songs. He is a genuine guy who I think you all will adore. Talented, fun, and kind, that’s how I’d describe this guy in 3 words but he deserves way more!

Check him out on Facebook to see what he’s up to.


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