Artist of the Week: Tenille Arts

by: Kelsey Drawhorn Photo: @US1061 Tenille Arts was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada. She picked up her first guitar and wrote her first song at the age of 13 and began performing across the U.S. and Canada. A few years ago, she decided to move to Tennessee to truly pursue her dream of becoming... Continue Reading →

Artist of the Week: Madison Hudson

Written by James Todd 📸 - Kelly Marie Photography   Country Music comes from within. It tells a story that can be shared. The songwriters lyrics touch us and remind us of times in our own lives past and present. Nothing touched Northern California Country Artist Madison Hudson more than country music. She has always... Continue Reading →

Note Worthy New Artist: Caylee Hammack From Sleeping In Her Car to Receiving A Record Deal

We’d like to introduce you to our First Note Worthy New Artist: Caylee Hammack Why we love her: She has raw talent with a voice that is beautifully honest and charismatic! But not only does she have talent, she's down to earth and so much fun! Why you’ll love her too: Caylee is very relatable... Continue Reading →

Thompson square

I recently went to the T2 show in Reno, NV on Aug 15th. I was going to do a show review but then I was contacted by one of their publicists and I get to interview them. So that post will be held until after my interview. I don't have a set date yet because... Continue Reading →

Artist of the Week: Mitch Gallagher

My newest artist of the week is Mitch Gallagher. He is performing tomorrow night at Renegade Radio Nashville presents Music City Live at the Fontanel Mansion. It is amazing to see him get this opportunity. Until last year at the American Country Awards, I hadn't known of Mitch. We met before the interviews started on... Continue Reading →

Artist of the Week: LOGAN BRILL + Interview

The first time I got to meet Logan was just a few weeks ago at Golf and Guitars. I had heard her music before and have her first album downloaded on my phone and computer. I probably play her album more than anything else in my phone. Night one of Golf and Guitars was the... Continue Reading →

Dustin Lynch – Artist of the Week

Dustin Lynch... What more needs to be said?If you haven't heard of him or his music you absolutely need to! Dustin Lynch is a country music singer-songwritter. He has written on many of my favorite tracks including "Thank A Farmer" preformed by James Wesley. Dustin moved to Nashville in 2003 to pursue his career choice of... Continue Reading →

Artist of the Week – Thompson Square!

This choice was a no-brainer. Everyone knows how much I Love Love Love Thompson Square and I just got word that they are coming here! To my hometown Orangevale, Ca for the Pow-Wow Days Carnival May 18th. I am beyond excited!Thompson Square is a husband and wife Country Music Duo. In 2010 they were signed... Continue Reading →

Artists of the week – The Band Perry

The Band Perry won The ACM Group of the Year 2014!!!Interesting fact: The Band Perry are brothers Reid and Neil Perry and sister Kimberly Perry!It is pretty unique to have a group of three siblings who are equally talented and interested in being musicians. Not only can they sing and play instruments but they write... Continue Reading →

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