I want to get covered in “MUD” with The Farm

I don't know about all of you but this new song #MUD from The Farm is stuck in my head! I can't stop listening to it. Once you see the video, I'm sure you'll feel the same way. All of their music is very incredible but has yet to get them the acknowledgement from the public... Continue Reading →

Check out @TheFarmMusic's Tweet: https://twitter.com/TheFarmMusic/status/510532625032019968 New music maybe? On tour? Coming back to west coast? I'm excited!!! They are one of the best bands out there and some of the sweetest people! Seriously, I can't wait!

The Farm Inc Album Review + Tattoo

The Farm Inc The Farm is very unique in the way they came together. A lot of bands are put together but The Farm found each other. Damien Horne, Krista Marie and Nick Hoffman wrote their first single and top 20 hit ‘Home Sweet Home’ in a writing session with Danny Myrick on a lake... Continue Reading →

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