Catching up with LoCash’s Preston Brust and Chris Lucas

While in Sin City for NFR, I got to catch up with Preston Brust and Chris Lucas of LoCash. My voice was pretty much gone but I got through the interview at Starbucks inside TI with my Peppermint Tea and Honey. The people there were so nice and turned down the holiday music so we... Continue Reading →

Thompson Square (Keifer Thompson) Interview Audio and Pictures

Thompson square

I recently went to the T2 show in Reno, NV on Aug 15th. I was going to do a show review but then I was contacted by one of their publicists and I get to interview them. So that post will be held until after my interview. I don't have a set date yet because... Continue Reading →

Upcoming shows 7/11-7/26

Quick post James Wesley - 7/11/14 Jana Kramer - 7/23/14 Trick Pony - 7/26/14 Take a look back at my blog for older show reviews and interviews. Show reviews for these shows and any other upcoming interviews will be posted within 2 days of the show. 🙂 Happy reading!

Backstage at the American Country Awards

Backstage at the American Country Awards. The interviews backstage from the 2013 American Country Awards.

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