Multiple Myeloma Fundraiser with Damien Horne

This is my Grandma, Bonnie Wilfong. She was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a blood and bone cancer, on her and my grandpa's 50th anniversary, Aug 5th 2011. When they found out she had it her cancer counts were up in the 8,000's. Last year they were below 1000 which was amazing but didn't last long. The new... Continue Reading →

The Farm Inc Album Review + Tattoo

The Farm Inc The Farm is very unique in the way they came together. A lot of bands are put together but The Farm found each other. Damien Horne, Krista Marie and Nick Hoffman wrote their first single and top 20 hit ‘Home Sweet Home’ in a writing session with Danny Myrick on a lake... Continue Reading →

Ain’t no party like a FARM PARTY

The Farm never disappoints at their shows. An example of that was Orangevale’s Country Music Festival on September 30, 2012. Fans showed up mainly for Chris Cagle, as he was headlining the event but it seemed the crowd went crazy for The Farm. All the artists did meet and greets with everyone who stood in... Continue Reading →

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