Thompson Square (Keifer Thompson) Interview Audio and Pictures

Thompson Square (Keifer Thompson) Interview 9/5/2014

Photo credit: Anthony Baker Okay, it has finally uploaded on youtube so this is my interview with Keifer Thompson of Thompson Square on his marriage, his music and how it makes him feel. Also on how he feels about music streaming sites. After talking to him, I will be buying more albums and singles rather than... Continue Reading →

Thompson square

I recently went to the T2 show in Reno, NV on Aug 15th. I was going to do a show review but then I was contacted by one of their publicists and I get to interview them. So that post will be held until after my interview. I don't have a set date yet because... Continue Reading →

Artist of the Week – Thompson Square!

This choice was a no-brainer. Everyone knows how much I Love Love Love Thompson Square and I just got word that they are coming here! To my hometown Orangevale, Ca for the Pow-Wow Days Carnival May 18th. I am beyond excited!Thompson Square is a husband and wife Country Music Duo. In 2010 they were signed... Continue Reading →

#Firsttweets Lauren Alaina

Ever wondered what your first tweet ever said? Instead of going through your timeline (which would take like a zillion hours for some of us) there is now a site to find it. You can type in your username or the username of any person you are curious to see what their first tweet... Continue Reading →

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